Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Just got back yesterday from an amazing trip to Pittsburgh to visit friends.  I had a fabulous week of relaxing excess :D  Lot's of good food and fun.  We did everything from checking out the city and all it had to offer, to going into Amish country and taking pics of covered bridges!

Here are my favorites:
Wholey's - Amazing variety, fresh fish (as in tanks), great prices on meat, kettle corn, fudge, and specialty foods.
Enrico Biscotti - I don't remember the name of the place - it was on the strip and it was AMAZING!
Penzey's Spices - They stash their vanilla beans in cigar tubes which is brilliant.  Great variety, I think they had 3 or 4 different cinnamon options.
Contemporary Craft - This place was part museum, part gift shop, and part workshop.  They have classes by a visiting artist that changes every 3-4 months.  Additionally, they have a free walk-in studio space where visiting artists donate materials so that patrons can make something using the same materials as the featured artist.  It was an amazing space, I would love to have something like it here in KC.
Mount Washington

I'll add more when I get the pics uploaded!